Chess9030 Championship

Once a year the "Chess9030 Championship" will be played to determine the Champion.

This event is performed in 2 stages: Candidates Swiss and a Match Championship

1. Candidates Swiss

This tournament shall determine the contenders for the Match Championship. The winner and runner up of the Candidates earns the right to a match for the "Chess9030 Championship"

  • Format: Swiss System, 6 rounds (Depending on the number of participants could be more rounds)
  • Eligibility: Tournament Winners - Hall of Fame
  • No adjournament: All games must be played by the end of the 2-weeks period. Not played games will be adjudicated by the TD.
  • Tiebreaks: Forfeits, Direct Encounter, Black Performance, Sonnenborg-Berger, Number of Wins.
  • Prizes: 1st place: Pass to the Match Championship; 2nd place: Pass to the Match Championship; 3rd place: Three month membership extension donated by ICC; Best U2000, U1800 and U1600: 1 month extension each. (A single player can not get more than one prize).

    2015 Candidates Swiss Entries Closed

    List of Participants (entries deadline: 13th March - Round 1: 15th March)

    Agarnez, andredechen2, Pomberito, Ajolote, junard, PaulRichard, pishd, SaltofLife, JWB, Deckfuel, Holgate, BuddyT, jjimalo, Bleddyn, Berke, Budzo, freitac, semperfi, QuieroAprender, timothysmall56, bmw2002, Manch, FractalDante, Jyzzslynggur, Atwode, nanning, pmcglothin, GoIrish, Portola, MinnArkie, oldsj, Akaba, ILRE, ToniMostarda, Harmonicus, AVEMARIA, laurenpar, Frankly, pixel, bayoumicardio10.





2. Match Championship

The winner and runner up of the Candidates Swiss will play a 8-game match. As soon as a player achieve more than 50% of score points, the match ends and that player is awarded "2015 Chess9030 Champion".

  • All regulations contained in the Handbook apply
  • If the score is tied after the 8 games two more games will be played and so on till the tie is broken.
  • Prizes: Champion: One Year membership extension donated by ICC; Runner-Up: Six month membership extension donated by ICC.
Championship Calendar
February Entries  
March - May Candidates Swiss  
August - November Final Match  
December Tiebreaks (if needed)  










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